Collective Haul

I ordered a few bits about a week ago and they all arrived around about the same time this week, so I thought I'd gather them together and put them in one haul post for you all.


It starts off with the best purchase I've made this year and that is the Fenty x Puma Leadcat slides that were released on Friday 22nd and sold out the same day. I managed to get a black pair just seconds after they we released online - as you can imagine I was really quite happy after that. I bought mine through Office's website for £59.99.

My Palette Collection

I have already spoken about my Revolution and Kat Von D palettes - so instead of repeating myself and you all getting bored, I'll just talk about the ones I haven't mentioned yet.

Daily Makeup Routine

This is my go to makeup routine I've been following for the past month or so now. There's not much to it, as I don't like putting to much effort into my makeup when I'm only going to work. If I'm going anywhere else, I'll add some contour and lipstick - but for work I like to go for a natural bare face kind of look.

New Beauty Pick-ups

I went shopping last weekend for the first time in what seemed like forever and I was out on a misson to get hold of the new strobe and contour kits from Makeup Academy. I walked straight to the MUA stand in Superdrug and there they were in all their glory. I'm a sucker for nice packaging - just look at it! To start with I only bought the strobe and glow highlight kit, but after getting home and thinking non stop about it, I ordered the bronze and sculpt contour kit in light/medium. Their only £5 each so you can't really go wrong.

Make Up Wishlist

Haircare Routine

I've done my skincare routine that's not really a routine for you, now lets move onto hair. You've probably guessed it already, my haircare routine isn't really a routine either. I'll start with my hair history and why I got into using products to bring it back to life. So after leaving school in 2011 I made the big brave decision to bleach my hair and attempt to get it as white as possible. I succeed in this but I had a problem keeping it that colour. La Richie and Crazy Color dyes came into my life and it all went down hill from there. I had pink hair, I had red hair, I had blue hair, I had lilac hair, I had silver hair. It was something like a weekly change, but I was studying Art & Design in college at this point - so that's my excuse. Every time I re bleached my roots, I made the worse mistake by bleaching over ALL my hair and making it fry. The best way to describe it would be that it kind of looked like hay.

After numerous appointments with my hair dresser and asking her for advise, I started using products that supposedly help with spilt ends and damaged hair. I spent a lot of money on shampoos and conditioners for dry hair, I went crazy for anything that contained argon oil. I made my own hair masks from watching tutorials on youtube and all of that did help a little.

One day, I made the decision to just stuff the bleached hair and go back to my natural colour. It took a number of tries for me to finally get used to it, but now even though I miss my blonde hair more than anything, I feel the confidence flowing through me! My eyebrows now match my hair and don't stand out on my face and my hair is in such good condition, I don't think I'll ever touch the bleach again.

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